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A7-Series GT render for fun.  I already created a 7 Series GT in white with 2 different tops, 3er and 5er GT glasshouses, but I feel the 3er GT roof is a better fit.

Another take on the 5er/6er GT.  It keep the 5er front but has a new 3er GT roof.  Looking closely at the spy photos of the real 6er GT, it appears it has more in common with the 7er rather than the 5er in the design department.  Enjoy.

So the next generation 5 Series GT will become the 6 Series GT.  I decided to quickly render up something, while not 100% true to the real car, probably different grill and headlights, I like how this turned out.

Here is an old version I did a for the current 6 Series - Click here


Initially started off with the white sedan and was going to leave it as a sedan.  But as I started to work on the black sedan, I opted to make the white a wagon to differentiate it a bit.

I know the grills and front bumpers are slightly different on both models but I will put those differences down to the different trim levels.  Anyways, I am very satisfied how this turned out, love the sleeker front now and I feel it works better than the current front.  Enjoy.

Instagram link | Old version here
No sure why I did not post this when I finished it in late 2014 when the first official photos came out, I think it got lost along with my busy schedule.

Full size: 3000 x 2000

For fun, the angles just barely matched, so decided to use the miata as a base.

An old rendering, decided to finish it up this weekend,  Basically an F-Type with Audi A7 top.  A slight stretched wheelbase to add more legroom in the back. 
Maserati would never had a pickup/truck in their lineup, that would never go with their image, but that won't stop me from making one for fun.  Initially I was not using any pickup base for this but the result was not turning out the way I envisioned.  Before people complain and say it looks like a F-150 with Levente front, that is not the case.  Yes the cab and top are all Ford, as is the chassis and rear light, but the front and entire side is all Maserati DNA.  Maybe in the future a new segment will appear, luxury pickup trucks.  Enjoy.

Just for fun, was originally planning on making a CT6 coupe but opted for a station wagon.  I am aware this is the size of a 7er/S/A8 but imagine all the cargo room in the back.  Added a V inspired performance kit. Enjoy.

A quick idea I had, opted to give it a separate bed and not joined like on the previous Caddy pickup, while probably smaller than the Mercedes X Class pickup, perhaps in the future all luxury brands will offer pickups just like today all luxury brands offer SUVs.  Enjoy.

Full size original background: 3600 x 2400

Cropped: 2800 x 2100 as shown above

Not really a truck and not really a Crossover/suv, so why not a crossover pickup? The lengthened wheelbase adds an additional small rear bed for transporting items but at the same time the interior remains the same as the regular RX.  Personally really like how the extended bed/rear fits nicely with the slopped D pillar.

Full size: 3600 x 2400

For fun, personally like how it turned out. Enjoy.

Full size: 2400 x 1600

Just a project for fun, Levante front on the GranCabrio.

Full Size: 6144 x 3158

Full size: 3300 x 2200

A tuned/sport version of the previous Giulia Coupe render. Enjoy.

Another take on a Giulia Coupe.  Supposedly a Giulia coupe is expected at the Geneva motor show this week.  My older rendering can be found here.  I have another version coming with a more significant bodykit for a sportier model.

Full size: 4000 x 2667 @ 300dpi