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Of course if the Kodiaq would get a coupe model, so would the larger Kodiaq model.  Not much changed apart from the Vision E roofline.

Time for something different, a coupe version of the recently announced Skoda Karoq.  Decided to use the Skoda Vision E concept roof design for a coupe since it would fit in with the entire Skoda styling.  My first Skoda render and will definitely create more in the near future.

With this render, the 7-Series wagon project comes to end.  Enjoyed this project, might tackle a S class wagon in the future perhaps.  Enjoy.
A rear view of the G11 wagon, LWB version.

A RHD model from the UK to start off the G11 wagon renderings.

Finally a long wheelbase model with the facelift. Enjoy.  G11 version up next.

Another version, this time without roof rails but more higher up than the base model.

A base model of the F01 7-Series as a wagon, comes in base white.

A second version of an E65 wagon, this time using a couple of donors for the new bodywork.  Enjoy.

What if BMW had a 7-Series wagon?  How about a 760i wagon?  I am not entirely satisfied with the back and C pillar but had couldn't find a proper donor so had to make the rear myself.  This wagon will be the first from a series of 7-Series wagons, with another E65 wagon right after this, then a F01 wagon and finally a G11 wagon.  Enjoy.

Rear view of the Alfa GT/Crossover

A front view of an Alfa Romeo GT/crossover.

Created before any prototypes began testing so had to improvise the design. Enjoy.  First version here.

BMW released some new photos of the 8 Series coupe concept, so decided to create a coupe out of it.  Added some door handles and different mirrors to make it more production ready.  Emjoy.
For those conplaining the previous bmw truck looking like a tarted up F-150, here is a more extensive redesign.  I made this right after the first truck last year but didn't want to post it right away after the other one. Enjoy.

A7-Series GT render for fun.  I already created a 7 Series GT in white with 2 different tops, 3er and 5er GT glasshouses, but I feel the 3er GT roof is a better fit.