Alfa Romeo MiTo

Alfa Romeo MiTo ascarissdesign

My latest Alfa Romeo MiTo render. Again using the Peugeot 208 as the base. Also featured in my new video on Youtube, see below.


BMW X8 (XM) ascarissdesign

I started this many years ago, around April 2020, around the time when the rumours of the X8 (XM) would be similar in design to the X2, well the roofline at least. I worked on this on and off for a few months, but decided against finishing it since more and more prototype photos appeared and it was obvious the X2 rumour was not correct. Anyways, enjoy another renders from the depths of my PC.

Peugeoet 3008 III (P64)

Peugeoet 3008 III (P64) ascarissdesign

Another older render from Instagram, October 2021. Will be interesting if the rumour of 3 fangs on he front will be true or not. I would update it but I'll wait for actual prototype photos.

BMW iX3 redesign

BMW iX3 redesign ascarissdesign

What if BMW kept the thin, slightly taller grill from some of their past designs? I changed up most of the design, some areas minor, other areas more significant. I started and finished this quite a while ago. I posted this on my Patreon a few months back.

The design may not be to everyone's liking but with more and more EVs coming, I feel that BMW could and should make the grill smaller, similar to their models from the 70s.

I wonder if ai could come up with a design like his, probably not. Leave your comments on facebook.

Cadillac Celestiq Convertible

Cadillac Celestiq Convertible ascarissdesign

Cadillac Celestiq Convertible ascarissdesign

Uploading the Celestiq convertible here now since I never did, in much larger size, 1600px. I was lucky that the Rolls Royce Boat tail top lined up nicely.

BMW 7-Series Redesign

BMW 7-Series G70 ascarissdesign

I created this right before my first G70 BMW 7-Series render. It was shortly after the 2-Series Active Tourer was unveiled. I grabbed the bumper off it for this render. I really liked the angle and photo and treated this as a design exercise more than an actual render. there are some design elements from the G70 in this, but it isn't supposed to be the G70. I contemplated turning it into the G70 but the photos was too small and I wanted something much higher resolution for a full render. Shame BMW doesn't release their website promo photos in higher resolutions. 

edit, woohoo, 2 whole views! yay.

Opel Astra GSi

Opel Astra GSi ascarissdesign

And now back to our regularly scheduled program. An older render from a while back. I really like the angle, so decided to make a quick GSi version.

Please Read

Fuck Instagram

Hello to anyone visiting, is anyone even visiting? Maybe it is just search index bots. Doesn't matter. I am going to be stopping posting on Instagram, most likely indefinitely, since my reach has basically stopped growing. I don't see the point in posting work that takes many hours, days or weeks, to only get a few hundred likes and 1000 views. There are pages that post shitty ai car renders, that get over 1000 likes on something someone made in 5 minutes with some fucking prompts. Fuck ai. So what is the point in even posting on there when they can get so many likes with zero effort. No fucking thanks.

I may have around 8500 followers (will probably drop soon), only a small fraction of my followers ever sees my content thanks to the shitty Instagram algorithm. For some fucked up reason, my growth on Instagram has more or less stopped. I have been stagnant in terms of new followers, with the only new followers being people who follow and then unfollow, expecting a follow back. Fuck these people.

Twitter has gone to shit as well, while I could drive some traffic to this site and Instagram, after the new owner took over, jack shit, almost zero traffic now to the website, even though I posted normally as before. So also stopping Twitter.

I will continue posting here, with any Facebook posts just linking to posts on the blog. Comments are turned off here, since 90% were spam, so if you wish to comment, you can do on Facebook.

If you have come here from Instagram and wish to unfollow me there, I won't hold it against you. If you wish to see my new renders, please bookmark this blog and visit often.

Edit, Instagram story seen by over 100, and this posted isn't even at 30 views, sad, shows that people don't really care to read what artists write, they just want free stuff.

Thanks for reading.

Mazda MX-5 EV

Mazda MX-5 EV ascarissdesign

Quick render, an MX-5 EV based off the new concept they showed off in a video. No idea if this concept even previews the new MX-5 maybe, maybe not. I just wanted to make a production version of it. It will probably end up looking different.

BMW M2 Convertible

BMW M2 Convertible ascarissdesign

Uploading this onto the website now. 

Original photo by Agnieszka Doroszewicz. She has some amazing press photos for BMW. Probably some of the best.