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6 August 2016

BMW X5 Pickup Truck

A quick rendering using Ford F-150 as the base, X6 front and side (not X5 as some people having been saying). My goal was a more aggressive style pickup along the lines of the GL Class pickup I made previously.   An actual BMW pickup with with all BMW design is also in the works, but not sure if that will be posted anytime soon.

I know people were/are complaining this looks just like a F-150 with a BMW front, and indeed that is what this is.  The main reason I used this Ford and not any other image is the landscape around the truck, I liked the desert theme and the sand being thrown up.  Plus the shading worked with the X6.

Finally for anyone complaining this is stupid, it won't happen, BMW doesn't need a pickup. All well and true and I agree, BMW doesn't need a pickup, but that is the point of creating renderings of something that doesn't exist, to see how it looks like and I like the way this turned out.